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60 Years of Innovation

SsangYong Motor's existence is a history of frontiers crossed and challenges met to achieve a better future.

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SsangYong's heritage

SsangYong is Korea’s most respected automotive manufacturer. This is achieved through quality engineering since its foundation in 1954.

Quality engineering was at the forefront of SsangYong’s development into 4 wheel drive vehicles in the 1980’s. Its first brands in this market included Musso and Korando. In 2000, SsangYong completed its full range of SUVs that included Rexton, Kyron, Actyon, Korando and Actyon Sports. More recently, SsangYong introduced the new crossover Tivoli.

Our eco-friendly compact SUV Korando is SsangYong Motor’s first front wheel drive monocoque vehicle. A milestone for the company’s long-term product line-up, Korando is Korea’s longest known car brand in the global SUV market.

World class engineering was again to the forefront in its development of a common rail engine leading to a eco-friendly diesel technology. Our focus on global competitiveness is supported by the production of small environmental friendly engines that are EURO6 compliant.

SsangYong Motors continue to expand its presence in world markets. We export our SUV’s through 1,652 sales outlets in 115 countries. To strengthen our foothold in Europe – the region that leads the way in the automotive industry, we have opened a number of regional head offices, in strategic european cities.

We continue to focus on existing, mature emerging markets, such as Central America, Eastern Europe, India and China, the world’s largest automobile market.

SsangYong continue to strengthen its dominance of the SUV market through close technical cooperation with Mahindra & Mahindra, global specialists of SUV development.


  • 1954 Jan. HaDong-Hwah Motor Workshop was established
  • 1962 Dec. Company was incorporated publicly
  • 1962 Dec. Dongbang Motor Co. Ltd was established
  • 1963 Jul. Both companies merged under the title of Ha Dong-Hwan Motor Co. Ltd
  • 1965 Dec. Awarded Best Korean Company award
  • 1966 May. Commenced exporting to Brunei
  • 1967 May. Launched partnership with Shinjin Motor Co. Ltd
  • 1967 Aug. Began as Korean’s first exporter of large buses to Vietnam
  • 1972 Dec. Company was registered as a corporation
  • 1974 Apr. Launch of joint venture with Shinjin Jeep Motor Co. Ltd
  • 1974 May. Developed a technical partnership with AMC
  • 1974 Oct. Launched both hard top and soft top jeeps
  • 1976 Sep. Commenced  production a variety of special purpose vehicles
  • 1977 Feb. Developed 4, 5 and 6-passenger diesel jeep models
  • 1979 Dec. Opened Pyeongtaek assembly plant
  • 1980 Mar. Contracted to produce National Defence Industry vehicles
  • 1981 May. Launched taxi jeeps
  • 1981 Sep. Launched snowplow jeeps
  • 1982 Mar. Launched dump trailers
  • 1983 Mar. Korando brand was launched
  • 1984 Oct. Commenced exporting to Lybia
  • 1986 Nov. Commenced exporting the Korando to Japan
  • 1987 Feb. Launched R&D Centre in Pyungtaek Plant
  • 1988 Feb Commenced exporting the Korando to Northern Europe
  • 1988 Mar. Company name changed to SsangYong Motor Co. Ltd
  • 1988 Dec. Expanded Korando’s range to include a station wagon type vehicle
  • 1990 Feb. The Korando won first place in the 10th Cyprus Rally
  • 1991 Feb. Agreed strategic alliance with Mercedes Benz AG to develop light commercial vehicles
  • 1992 Jan. Launched current SsangYong emblem
  • 1992 Oct. Agreed strategic alliance with Mercedes Benz AG to develop petrol engines
  • 1993 Jan. Agreed joint-venture with Mercedes Benz AG
  • 1993 Feb. Signed contracts with Mercedes Benz AG to develop passenger cars
  • 1993 Jul. Commenced production of the Musso, a station wagon type 4WD vehicle
  • 1993 Nov. Agreed strategic alliance with Mercedes Benz AG to develop diesel engines
  • 1994 Apr. Launched the “Aftersales Service Technical Centre” in Korea
  • 1994 Jun. Launched our own engine plant in Changwon
  • 1994 Aug. Launched the “Korando new family” vehicles
  • 1995 Jul. Commenced the production of light commercial vehicles
  • 1996 Jun. First company in Korea to be awarded ISO certification for all models
  • 1996 Jul. New model Korando launched
  • 1997 Dec. Launched the Chairman, a luxury sedan
  • 1998 Jun. Launched the new Musso, 7 passenger model
  • 2000 Mar. Launched 2 new models of the Chairman (CM500 and CM400)
  • 2000 Apr. Launched new model Korando
  • 2000 Oct. Korando awarded “Energy Winner Award”
  • 2001 Feb. Launched upgraded models of the Musso and the Korando
  • 2001 Mar. Musso won the first place in the SUV category of Brand Power, for 3 consecutive years
  • 2001 Apr. Milestone achieved of half million engines produced in Changwong Engine Plant
  • 2001 Sep. Launched the Rexton, a premium sports utility vehicle
  • 2002 Jun. Awarded “Best Company for Value Management”
  • 2002 Jun. Certified as the best company for customer satisfaction management
  • 2002. Aug. Started quality innovate “SSQ-2002 Campaign”
  • 2002 Sep. Launched the first SUT in Korea: Musso Sports
  • 2002 Nov. SsangYong awarded “Prime Minister Prize” in Korea
  • 2003 Jan. Contract signed with Shanghai Huizhong Automobile Manufacturing Company (SHAC) China
  • 2003 Jul. Launched the 2WD Rexton
  • 2003 Sep. Launched new model of the Chairman
  • 2003 Dec. Launched new model of the Rexton
  • 2004 Feb. Launched new model of the Korando
  • 2004 Feb. Launched new model of the Musso
  • 2004 Mar. Launched the Rodius
  • 2004 Jul. Awarded “Good Industry Design” for the new Chairman and Rodius
  • 2004 Oct. Merged with Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC)
  • 2005 Aug. Awarded “Energy Winner 2006” in Korea
  • 2005 Jun. Launched the Actyon in Korea
  • 2005 Sep. International debut of the “Kyron” at IAA 2005 as “World Premier”
  • 2005 Dec. Rexton awarded “Best car of the year” in Malaysia and Musso Sport awarded “Best Pickup Award” in Israel
  • 2006 Mar. Launched the Rexton II
  • 2006 Apr. Lauched the Actyon Sports
  • 2006 Jul. Rexton II awarded “Energy Winner 2007” in Korea
  • 2006 Sep. Launched new model of the Kyron, Actyon and Actyon Sports
  • 2007 Apr. Launched new model of the Kyron
  • 2007 Jul. Launched new model of the Rodius
  • 2007 Dec. Launched new models: Kyron, Actyon and Actyon Sports
  • 2008 Jul. Launched new car models: Kyron, Actyon and Actyon Sports
  • 2010 Jun. Signed contract with Russia to export the Korando
  • 2010 Sep. Launched the Korando C, classy utility vehicle
  • 2010 Nov. SsangYong and Mahindra sign joint-venture contract
  • 2011 Mar. Merged with Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd
  • 2012 Jan. Launched the Korando Sports
  • 2012 Jan. SsangYong Korando wins the Northern European race
  • 2013 Feb. Launched new model of the Rodius
  • 2015 Apr. Launched the TIVOLI
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